Bali Temple

What is Bali Temple Spa?

Bali Temple, Bucharest, is the first Balinese-style spa, health & wellness centre in Eastern Europe that contains all the elements of a traditional Bali island, including furniture and island-specific treatments. The spa opened it’s doors in Bucharest in January 20th 2019, and offers a wide range of beauty treatments and procedures for rejuvenating body, mind and soul, all treatments being applied are by Balinese therapists specialising in the art of massage.

Bali Temple

Massage – Natural remedy for stress reduction

It is the little things in life that make you feel better, forget the stress of work and day to day life. One of the most pleasant ways to escape from the stress of daily life in Bucharest is a massage. It can solve a variety of health problems and will help you to recharge your batteries in the most pleasant way! If you are tired, stressed, and have aching muscles we recommend a relaxing massage or massage with warm stones. If you suffer with cellulite or want to shape your body through the simplest possible treatment, why not try a bamboo stick massage or cellulite massage.

Whatever you decide, we are waiting for you to visit us. Like everything in our spa in Bucharest our staff too come from Bali Island so that you are fully spoiled, enjoying both the best body treatments and discover both the Asian massage culture and a new dimension to relaxation!